February 9

About the Author

Tanja Radman was born on February 13th 1991 in Kutina, Croatia.

She finished elementary school in Popovača, Croatia, where she lived until her enrollment in a secondary school in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. Upon completing the Hotel and Tourism Vocational School and leaving the A. G. Matoš dormitory in which she lived, she left Zagreb and got into seasonal work, causing her to move along the Dalmatian coast. Thus, in 2012., she ended up in Dubrovnik, looking for a new job.

The idea for the novel was born during her first visit to the old town, in the middle of the walk through Stradun. Driven by the love of books and writing that stemmed in early school days, Tanja soon began to work on the original idea that, two years later, became ‘Stone Republic’, an epic medieval fantasy story that reveals an alternative side of magical Dubrovnik Republic!

Then came a year of searching for a publisher, and the book was finally published in 2015 by Citizen Association Hrast. In 2016 the book experienced its new, improved edition under the baton of Youth Association Orlando.  In addition, Tanja wrote for the elementary school newspaper in Popovača, monthly columns for the website Infomanija in 2014 and 2015, and for Informadur, the youth center of the city of Dubrovnik in 2016.

Today she lives and works in Dubrovnik which, as she says, feels like home.