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What you never knew about ‘Republic of Stone’

What you never knew about ‘Republic of Stone’

– I got the idea of writing about magic and sorcerers even before I came to Dubrovnik, but it was only after I moved here that I turned that simple idea into a combination of magic and actual history.

– it took me two years to write the book, together with long breaks and pauses I had to take, especially during the summer season when I had to work the most.

– I wrote the very first idea about it on two paper tablecloths in a restaurant I worked in called ‘Pergola’, during an especially long and empty shift.

– the name of that “first” book was ‘Blue Chronicles’ and the story was quite different from the published one:

1) Oliva was the main character, a reincarnated for that matter, in a form of a little girl who was in the tightest circle of the Rector in her previous life,

2) colors contained all the magic, that’s why the world was left colorless after the Great war,

3)  as opposed to the present story in which the main characters initiated the main events after their youngest member became an adult, the original story stated that Oliva’s palms started bleeding, which was an indication that the magic within her started to awake. After she was admitted into the hospital, she met the rest of the main characters whose palms were also bleeding.

4) The Rector’s initial name was Magnus, Vlasios’ (Blaise’s) name was Alii, and characters like Laus, Una or Vita didn’t even exist.

The list continues. That version could easily be a book for itself!

– ‘Republic of Stone’ has 13 chapters and is divided into 2 parts. I was born on February 13th. Coincidence? No. I love leaving small pieces of puzzles across the book which may or may not ever be discovered.

– The character of Beta was born thanks to the local fact that the nickname of Marino Ghetaldi was Bete. After my first encounter with his cave in which he supposedly worked, underneath his own estate, I decided to create a fictional female character that would carry the role of his daughter.

– the small hints of Slavic mythology in the book comes from my childhood love towards foreign mythology, especially Greek, which made me want to familiarize my global audience with the interesting and enchanting stories of our own.

– while on the subject, the songs that were chanted in the underground during the Celebration of Spring are real ones, originating from Croatian folklore.

– the concept of a tight circle of five main characters comes from my (not yet published) children’s book which I wrote at the age of 16 or 17. Beta, Terra, Victor, Lumen and Felix share great resemblance with the characters from that children’s book – Emma, Tara, Dado, Lujo and (literally translated) Meatball. I intend to publish the said book later this year.

– I got the idea of travel through mirrors from the well-known saying that the ‘eyes are the windows to the soul’.

– in the world of ‘Republic of Stone’, more often than not, the families give each other related names, or names that show tight connection with a certain subject. For example, Terra (ground) comes from a family inclined into earthly goods, which is clearly shown in the family names. Her father is Asparagus, brother Radix (root) and grandfather Frons (brown). Terra’s mother Lympha is evidently not a part of the tradition, what we can see in Beta’s family as well: besides the short connection of her name – second, and her mother’s name Una – one,  no one else is a part of that tradition.

– the symbol of the Senate and the Rector’s Delegation is a hand in whose fingers a snake slithers. The inspiration for that comes from my enormous fear of snakes in general, as well as my aversion toward holding them. God forbid that from ever happening 🙁

– The Rector’s column does exist in said form, but not under that name. It’s actually called Orlando’s column, but was re-named for the purposes of the book since the Rector and Orlando turn out to be the same character in my book.

– the inspiration for Ragusa’s underground in which the secret Celebration of Spring happened, comes from actual history. In fact, underneath the Old town of Dubrovnik, there are tunnels and passages that are (for now) closed for the public. As a tour guide and a writer for this specific genre, I CANNOT wait for the day those doors opens! And maybe, just maybe, when they do, we’ll find a rusty, old Lunarian medallion…?

– oleander wreath was included in the story thanks to it’s wide prevalence in Dubrovnik. Wouldn’t it be cool if oleander’s flowers were the only things we were left with from the Lunarian order itself?

– the inspiration for draining, the Rector’s creation with which he steals magical gifts from other sorcerers and so hurts, even kills them, comes from my own battle with panic attacks and anxiety, as well as today’s rapid growth in modern society’s depression and mental diseases.

– the drawing of Orlando/the Rector from the book was originally meant to be on the covers, but over time I realized the silhouette of the City in a form of a Lunarian medallion was much closer to the story. The author of the said Orlando/the Rector drawing is Nikolina Zanetti, a young artist with whom I lived in the student dormitory A. G. Matoš in Zagreb, and the author of the two following covers (Croatian and English edition) is Martina Ljutić, my fiance’s childhood friend.

– the parts of the book that were written in the form of Rector’s first person, was my desire to understand and describe such a heavy and complex character. Since I do not know hate in such forms, nor monstrosity, I find Rector’s persona the one I struggle with the most.

– contrary to popular belief, Beta Ghetaldus isn’t the main character of the story although my affection toward her was quite visible. Still, I like to explain that by stating Beta was the very first character I created for this book. My actual favorite character is Felix (although I have warm feelings toward Lumen, too).

– I got the inspiration for Aesculapius, the God of medicine, from the capital of Aesculapius, from the Rector’s palace in the Old town of Dubrovnik. The capitol claims he was born nearby Dubrovnik itself!

– all of the books about this story will be published under the series official name – Lex Legis. Although my initial plan was to publish only three books, the story outgrew me and my plans, and promises a series of at least five books 🙂

New Year, new web page

New Year, new web page

Contrary to all my personal expectations, this New year I decided not to burden myself with any New Year’s resolution which I’d orderly break before the end of the first week, anyway. Let’s be honest, I’d rather chew my own arm to the very bone then stop chewing on sweets, and since I don’t smoke or drink, there was nothing left to deceive myself with.

Well, maybe exercise but you know, I did do some for 3 days then didn’t for 3 more. Still counts.

Instead of dealing with all that, I visited my family, had a wonderful time (my fever was about 101 F on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and I haven’t slept for 2 days due to a severely sore throat), got a brand new therapy for my raging allergies which are systematically trying to ruin my life since 2004. (thanks dr. Živić!) and freshened up my web page (thanks, love!). Not only is it aesthetically oh-la-la, but it’s finnally translated to English which brings me closer to a global audience, or at least to that one poor bastard who accidentally ran into my site and can’t figure out what to do next – Hey you, welcome! Glad you’re here! Thanx, tnx or whatever it is kids these days say. TX.

Despite ignoring the New Year’s resolution, I do have plans for this year. They may be unreliable and shy, but they give me great joy and push me forward, something the resolutions fail to do. To expand our business, publish 4 books and travel somewhere might sound ambitious but when it comes to numbers, 2018 looks so mathematically pleasant and powerful, I’m almost certain it hides travels to the first colony on Mars, inheritance in a form of a multi-millionaire heavy bank account from a dying French great aunt, the luck of the Irish elves themselves and such worldwide fame even Tom Hardy would shake while getting to know me. THAT’S how good 2018 looks like!

In any case, I’ll work on my plans with great pleasure and will enjoy every single day of this new year, which is exactly what I wish for you as well – so why not start with my site? Swing by.

You too, poor unsuspecting bastard. Stick around. TX.