April 12th, 2018. Young Barbara Jurić met me on SPlit’s annual FantaSTiKon, fantasy, games and science fiction convention, and held one of the most beautiful and interesting intreview I ever had. To find out what were the 31 questions she had to ask about my work and myself, learn on the site Find Read.

March 26th, 2018. On Croatia’s national channel HRT3 at 20:05 a program called ‘Book or Life’ was aired. I had an opportunity to talk to the host Koraljka about my first book, ‘Republic of Stone’ in order to present myself to the national audience in the midst of publishing my sequel, ‘Republic of Mortals.’

March 17th, 2018. On the 4th FantaSTiKon, fantasy, games and science fiction convention in Split, I presented the second part of my series ‘Lex Legis’ – my new book ‘Republic of Mortals’. Although I didn’t have any hard copies on me, I premiered the covers and talked about the story which is more tense, difficult and darker than the prequel.

March 8th, 2018. Regarding the National Woman’s day, local television DUTV invited me to talk about women’s positions in my lines of work as both a writer and a tour guide. What did I and two amazing women had to say, you can see and hear here.

December 9th, 2017. In this issue of the monthly magazine ‘Moskar’ I appeared in their ‘TOP 5’ favorite list. I was asked about my favorite classic movie and book, place in Dubrovnik, day in my life, life role-model and motto plus – my dream travel destination. To find out my answers, visit this post on my official Facebook page.

August 24th, 2017. Libertas TV asked me to appear in their Show program in order to talk about all of my book’s past and future success. If you’d like to see the interview with the book trailer, please start at 12:32 minutes of the video, and if not, start at 14:58. Either way, click here and enjoy the short but sweet talk we shared that day.

May 15th, 2017. Dubrovnik Times enriched both their online and paper edition with an interview with me one lovely day in May. Expect for the usual questions related to the book, I had to answer to some like never before. Did I ever receive backlash or negative comments on my book and what are my biggest challenges as a young Croatian writer, check out in this interview by the always lovely Ivana Smilović.

April 19th, 2017. In the National Library of Dubrovnik in late evening’s hours, I promoted two of my novelties, first being the long-awaited ‘Republic of Stone’ translated in English, and the second being their official video trailer. Since book trailers aren’t very common, especially in these areas, it’s announcement and first revelation got attention and enthusiasm from the entire crowd-filled room. Thanks to many friends who participated in the making of the trailer as extras, Mišo Sorić and his Unique films who did the shoot on a whole new level, the end result of the trailer give nothing less than high quality and originality. With the help of my friend Dolores Brbora who was the director of the evening, my fiance Dubravko Jakovljević who gave his impressions on all process in which he was thoroughly involved and the band Mystica which perfectly contributed to the magic tone of the promotion, the evening went in a pleasant, exciting, interesting and above all, magical course. For more information or photographs of the event, please visit this article from Dulist portal.

March 8th, 2017. Regarding the international Women’s day, DUTV and the always lovable Suzi kindly invited me as a special guest on their Radio koji se gleda (Watchable radio) so I could discuss various day-related themes such as women’s  general managing in a mostly man’s world, especially when it comes to the publishing/literal world.

November 7th, 2016. Primary school Lapad in Dubrovnik kindly hosted me for their Tulum s(l)ova  (literally translated would be ‘Letter Party’). With the help of the kind school librarian Sanja and a few lovely Croatian language teachers, the library’s table was surrounded with children who read ‘Republic of Stone’ and wanted to know everything! That was my favorite appearance ever thanks to the wonderfully curious children who wanted to know every possible thing about their favorite characters or occurring events. The evening was filled with reading parts of the book, talking about several chapters, answering questions, board-games, jokes and at most, a great and fun atmosphere.

May 26th, 2016. Mia Njavro, a loyal follower of all things cultural and, rarely, fantasy in Dubrovnik, kindly asked me to describe for the local newspapers DuList the debut of the second edition of my book ‘Republic of Stone’ that took place on a famous Croatian SF & fantasy convention SFerakon in Zagreb.

February 18th, 2016. How exactly does a TV radio interview look like? You can find out thanks to a fun local program ‘Radio koji se gleda’ (literally translated would be ‘Watchable radio’). In the company of the always kind and smiling Suzi, I talked about my first writing experiences in primary school, how I came to Dubrovnik and got the idea for the book, what did my first meeting with a famous local and Croatian writer Luko Paljetak look like, what was it like to publish a book, etc.

February 11th, 2016. I was invited to visit the local radio station ‘Soundset Ragusa’ as a special guest of their  ‘Interview of the week’. The pleasant chat I had with the radio’s host Katarina about all kinds of themes dedicated to my book, I ended by reading a part of the book featuring the tale about Dubrovnik’s very first Orphanage from the perspective of their employee Beta.

November 11th, 2015. Journalist Mia Njavro did an interview with me for Dubrovnik’s online portal DuList. The printed version was published a week earlier, and I proudly keeps that copy safe and sound as it was my very first newspaper appearance.

August 29th, 2015. My first big interview happened for the Croatian national portal  I feel very grateful and honored to be featured in such a big online place where she could talk about her work.