Republic of Stone

Republic of Stone

♦ …is the first book in the up-coming series called ‘Lex Legis’. The sequel with the working title ‘Republic of Mortals’ is expected to be published in 2018. This brief summary you are about to read is merely a small portion of a complex and large story which promises a growing series. The books are written as a perfect combination of Dubrovnik’s actual history with author’s imagination intertwined in fantasy elements. Please enjoy the best of both worlds ♦

An ancient spell was cast among several sorcerers in the Great War and only seemingly ended the suffering of many. Only the Oracles know, for they weave fate with their own hands, if an immense sacrifice like that, having to pledge one’s own life, has a purpose at all.

Decades later, the tyranny of the Republic of Ragusa is at its peak. Her ruler, the monstrous Rector lurks outside his borders searching for new lands to conquer. It seems only his name is enough to help him succeed as it seeds fear into the hearts of all. In his long absence, an annual celebration of Spring takes place in the secret underground area of the oppressed Ragusa, but this time, things go terribly wrong due to one unexpected event which results with the conviction of the commoners. Thousands of them. The poor souls welcome dawn with conformations of their death sentences, courtesy of The Senate, Rector’s right hand, a political body which has no reason to live but to obey and serve their gruesome Master. For some reason, a handful of young lives turn out to be more precious than others, and are rushed to safety far away from the burning Republic. Facing yet another underground secret, this time an unusual temporal home, the newly-acquainted youngsters learn the true nature of Spring’s celebration, the Republic, His Majesty, and themselves.

Beta, whose father is Marino Ghetaldi, the reputable scientist of the Republic serving His Majesty, Terra, the oldest daughter of a family inclined to earthly goods, Felix, the main source of making mischief even when they’re highly inappropriate, Lumen, the bookworm of a time that had none, and Victor, the missing link of both Beta’s life and the story – all face the impossible after finally hearing the tale about the Great War, one they were never allowed to hear before. They also learn the biggest secret of them all, magic itself. All of a sudden, they became a part of the resistance, a secret society called Lunarians preparing for another war, and it was up to them to lead sorcerers and commoners in another battle against the Rector. The truth they learned was hard and unacceptable, and the ghosts of the past that tumbled upon them promised to never leave, but time was of the essence as another war was approaching, and the youngsters did what needed to be done. With great sorrow and fear they never ran from, they embraced their inherited magical gifts and with great braveness, started to use them. Help came from none other than the Venerable Halls but without any time left to get to know each other better, the five brave youngsters rushed to to train and find supporters in the magical world – from creatures and beasts to sorcerers and commoners. However, the Rector was already in lead. Time was running out.

The second war was inevitable, and it was much heavier this time because this one could change everything, or even worse… nothing at all.