The very first Croatian edition of ‘Republic of Stone’ was published in September 2015 by UG Hrast. It consisted of hard covers, 304 pages and a photograph cover by the talented Daniel Pavlinović from Flare Studio, showing restless waves crashing on the City walls. The said edition was sold out in one year.


The second Croatian edition of ‘Republic of stone’ came out in May 2016. To be exact, it debuted on the famous Croatian SF & fantasy convention SFerakon in Zagreb. This time it was published by the Youth Association Orlando. It was my intent that the second edition of my novel was improved and even more pleasant for my readers; A5 format, 234 pages, soft covers, (colored) illustrations within the book, chapters with titles and a better cover, all helped a great deal to make this edition extra special! I also wanted the covers of the said edition to merge the essence of the story with the real history of Dubrovnik. I managed to achieve so with the help of the amazingly talented Martina Ljutić who perfectly converted my vision into this amazing end result. The medallion on the bottom of the City’s chain silhouette is an important factor of this and all future books of the series, especially it’s star-shaped symbol. This image vividly shows the achieved balance between the real and the un-real, between actual historical facts and pure imagination; the left side of the image shows a beautiful Flare Studio’s photograph from bird’s eye-view, while the right side shows a part of Martina’s designed covers.


Overjoyed with the second Croatian edition of the book ‘Republic of Stone’


The third edition of ‘Republic of Stone’ was actually, the long-awaited English translation debuted in April 2017 as an e-book. The translation was made by Mihaela Galjuf- Gaby, and the cover was yet again, made by the always amazing Martina Ljutić. I’ve decided, yet again, on a brand new cover, hoping to highlight the spirit of the story for the worldwide audience. Martina welcomed my idea with great willingness, delivering this beautiful cover which emphasizes the recognizable shape of the City, intertwined with the (fictional) symbol of the Great Council.

‘Republic of Stone’ is available on Amazon for your Kindle, and its hard-cover edition is expected to debut in the spring of 2018.